Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hello All,                                                                                                        January 22, 2016
I have a new companion; Sister Carlsen from Pocatello, Idaho!  We've been together for a few weeks and are just.... soul sisters.  She likes all the same stuff I do and we see things in the same light. Our intentions are the same. She is full of unabashed joy and these past few weeks have been like a romantic montage of missionary work. I mean, hard starting in a new area (we got moved from the 4th ward to the 1st ward) where there is so little to go off of. But I thank the Lord that I got a dream of a comp to go through it with!

Here at camp Kaneohe, we have had a week just full of life. All kinds of it. There is a really sweet couple who we are taking to the temple visitor's center this week! J____ is going to be baptized and it breaks my heart to know I won't be here for that but he is so ready. So prepared by the Lord! We set his date in February and he said " do we really have to wait that long?" When I see him and his girlfriend reading the Book of Mormon, I feel like we are doing something right. There is also a really sweet family we are teaching! They have 4 kids and all of them are so well behaved. They are another family where I feel like we just bumped into them at the right moment. The Lord has been preparing them. They just had a little keiki named E___. She is so tiny and fresh from heaven! Their daughter K____ is pretty much kid-Paige which makes my heart so full!  Also, Bishop Carlile is the tops! That man. He is so ROL. And we are getting more to the gamey side! Being a missionary gives you the chance to have a view of the ward like you might not get any other way. We get to see these people, work around them, hear their stories. It is a gift. Sometimes I spend sacrament writing down people's names and things I have noticed about them, things I love. Its pretty creepy actually. Pretty Holmes-esk. But I can't help but feel like they might fade and so I am trying to hang on! Ugh. This whole serving the Lord thing can break your heart ten ways from Saturday... but I love it more than I can say.

Here is a jumbled and slightly exaggerated list of the good, the bad and the hot mess of it all:
1. Gave a homeless girl our chinese leftovers and said a prayer with her.
2. Somehow managed NOT to kiss a cute tan toddler who jumped in my lap on Sunday.
3. I felt my Saviors love for me & those I met.
4. Was a reff for a wrestling match the elders had on the church lawn!  They are such BOYS!  haha, sure is fun :)
5. A Sweet Aunty in the ward gave me a coconut bracelet to "always remember Hawaii by".
6. Got a little misty on Sunday realizing I've been out 6 months already.  The time is going SO FAST.
7. Petted someones domesticated tortoise (and thought of PG:)
8. I finally learned how to eat rice with chop sticks and not look COMPLETELY caucasian (truly an answer to prayer)!
9. Stole coconuts from the graveyard...
10. Got cupcakes delivered from the district leaders on a long day.
11. Said 1,000 prayers for y'all.

All my Lovin'

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