Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Dear Friends and Fam,                                          November 9, 2015
Things in Hawaii are continuously crazy.  The only thing constant is inconsistency.  But it's a fun and dizzying dance we do between appointments, tracting and meetings.  Wednesday we went to Honolulu to pick up our new companion, Sister Kim.  I was channeling Grandpa O as we drove through Hon-west traffic with 2 goals;  1. to get to the Tabernacle on time  2. that my hair would look somewhat domesticated by the time I hugged Sister Warner (mish pres's wife). least we made it on time.
Y'all Sister Kim is Beautiful!  She is from South Korea, sweet, with thick dark hair and big eyes.  As we drove back to Kaneohe across the H3 and into the Ko'olaus (impromptu waterfalls after the rains) it was kind of strange being the one leading the "tour".  I was JUST coming through that tunnel and seeing these steep green mountains, I'm sure of it!
When we got to our pad, dropped Sis K's luggage, she looked around and said, "Hop Guyo!" which I've come to understand means something along the lines of "Heck Yeah"-haha.  Let the slumber party begin.  Our bedroom is too small to fit 3 beds in, so yesterday Sis Soriao and I drug all the mattresses into the living room and made our bedroom the study room.  Its cozy and a TOTAL estrogen fest most of the time.
Even though there is a language barrier, we have gotten each others jokes from day 1.  Our first language study was rough.  I wish y'all could have been there.  Sis S is taking the english proficiency test soon.  Today we pulled out the packet of practice questions and started at the beginning.  The first article was called "the Grunge Movement in America" and was a page and a half commentary on the switch from the glam rock scene of the 80's to the grunge groups of the 90's!  Haha!  I tried my best to keep it together as Sis S read aloud the differences in the "flashy and ostentatious wardrobes of hair metal groups such as White Snake, Poison and Bon Jovi" versus the "thought provoking lyrics combined with the distorted guitars of Mud Honey."  About this time Sister S asks me what snakes and rock music have to do with one another.  Sister K is scribbling down vocabulary words like "edgy" and "punk sound" in earnest.  And I am DEAD. haha!  This was too much!  Sadly, the other articles are more tame and discuss topics like airplane safety or a trip to Grandma's house.  But every now an then I slip Sister K a high five for using the word "Seattle based sound" when possible (by the way it's not really ever possible...which makes it HILARIOUS).
In the past few days, I've felt the importance of having a Sanctuary.  I imagine it like in the early part of "A Series of Unfortunate Events" when the kids make their little fort and set it aside as a place they feel safe.  I wouldn't say I feel in any kind of danger but after a very long day of work, it is important to have a place of true rest.  I think of how it feels to walk in to the door at home or to snuggle up under my THICK down comforter.  A place to recover and hide away for a moment.  I've learned how to open up my soul for a few moments to think and to commune with the Lord.  I'm rewiring myself to find that refuge not so much in a place or thing or experience, but in myself.  In the scriptures.  My safest and warmest place is in prayer.  I've made time to recover and learn and talk with Jesus Christ often.  And it can be whatever I need it to be.  But it's getting stronger all the time!  My favorite is at night, when I'm out of the shower and WORN OUT from the day.  I walk into the living room and jump onto my bed.  I have it figured out just right how to put my sheets over my head so my flash light can't be seen and read the scriptures.  I study them and ponder on them.  I talk with Heavenly Father about the day and what I need to work on.  I feel most truly at peace.

      "Although I have cast them afar off among the heathen, and though I have scattered them among the countries, yet will I be to them as a little sanctuary in the countries where they shall come."  Ezekiel 11:16

I think of you all often and send up a hundred tiny prayers for you.
I love you always!
xMLS (Kaneohe, HI, the living room, mattress #3)

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