Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mailing Address:
Sister Macey Smith
45-345 Mealele St.
Kaneohe, HI 96744

People actually say that here. It's not cheesy when they say it either! This week has been a roller coaster and I'm grateful for it!
We spoke in church yesterday (Sister Soriao and I) and it was great to sit up on the stand and see all the people! We get fed a lot.... a ton. They weren't kidding about the whole "they call it the 40 pound mission" thing. There may be a whole lot more of me to love when I get back... So... be kind hahaha.
We have a few really promising investigators right now and are continuing to get to know every one here! I am trying to get the hang of teaching by the Spirit and Sister Soriao is patiently and wisely guiding me always. She is incredible and I will be eternally grateful for her example to me.
At the beginning of the week, we got a lot of rejection. It seemed like no one was interested. You know it's funny to see the look some people get in their eyes when they open the door to us! And it was weighing on my heart. It made me sad to see so many people shrug off the single most important thing in my life. I was praying for compassion and guidance as I tried to navigate how to react to the passivity we had seen. Then I thought of what Rob Christensen said in sacrament at the YSA Branch right before I left. 
He talked about the amazing pictures that had just come from a satellite on Pluto, I think. He said that like Pluto, we need to be patient and humble and just keep doing what we know we should. Sometimes the world will stop and acknowledge your steadfastness, your vast beauty and other times they will debate your credibility or your value. But just keep going. Because no matter what they recognize or hypothesize, you ARE what you know you are.
How powerful is that message?! I am focusing on what I know I am and what I know I want to become. I love the people here and am turning my heart to them as I teach and testify. This work is the most worthwhile thing I can do and it is my prayer that I can be true to myself throughout these 18 months, that I can solidify who I am, and build upon it. God is so good.
I love you all and can't wait to hear from you!
Love, Sister Smith


  1. Macey is incredible! Hawaii is so lucky to have her!

  2. Hi Macey, I'm sitting with two Elders for family home evening one who knows you from Oahu. Elder Ewing says hello. I can hardly wait to read your next letter. I love you and hope you are having good success this week.

  3. I'm using my girl friends phone,but this is grandma Fabulous. We are all sending love your way.

  4. I'm using my girl friends phone,but this is grandma Fabulous. We are all sending love your way.