Thursday, May 26, 2016

April 18, 2016

My corner of paradise is really great right now! Like eating rice cakes and walking to the low-income housing to sing some primary songs and talking about life with my companion great. It feels like this is going going by so wonderfully and weirdly fast and so I just slow right down and get lost. And then found. Do you know what I mean? It has been really good to just get wrapped up in this place with these people!
As for me, I am just a puddle of feelings! Mostly all good ones though. The work here is going like crazy! We have two more boys with baptismal dates and a few families really getting the gospel! It sure is sweet to see. The companion is a dream. She has asked a few times this week "will we be friends after the mission? Because I really want to be! To which I happily agree. I think, because of we struggled, we are so much stronger together.  We had to experience each side and choose the happy one.
This also makes it hard to say good-bye.
I am flying to Hilo on Wednesday morning. Mom I AM SO EXCITED! And sad that I have to leave these folks (seriously like losing an internal organ every time....) but THE BIG ISLAND! I think it will be a grand adventure.
Give my Love to everyone!

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